My work is a growing organism that is constantly in flux, looking for change through growth and destruction. This comes from my interest in humanity’s desire for advancement and nature’s cycles of regeneration. In conjunction with society’s desire to protect and conserve our planet while exploring what could be great and new. With the risk that taking these chances could destroy all that we need and know.

I explore starting with my daily routines. This leads to the exploration of my local communities. Which in turn includes interactions within the various neighborhoods that I live in. From my observations I’ve noticed the different ways in which we change, grow and stay the same. Being aware of the similarities and differences that appear in the surrounding communities are very important to me because they are the driving force behind my practice. I am interested in the connections of these changes and the limitations of previous decisions made by humanity, some of which are thought to be for the greater good. All the while absorbing the repercussions from the forces of nature. Which are reflected upon my paintings through the history behind each layer, brushstroke or application of paint. Reminiscent of steps or building blocks that can be built on or taken away. Working on multiples at a time gives me this ability to build on and upon while also allowing for reflection. Reflection is what allows me to stop or continue with the painting either building more or tearing it down.

Just as nature and societies have shaped our planet, I intend to shape my own little world in the studio.


Luke Firle is an artist hailing from Hematite, Missouri. He is primarily a painter with interests in craft and craftsmanship. As a painter he works in a variety of paint mediums and uses a multitude of application techniques. He is interested in systems that interact and compete with one another. As a craftsman Luke is interested in the reuse of materials that others are throwing out.

After receiving his Associate of Arts at Jefferson College, he moved to Kansas City where he studied painting at the Kansas City Art Institute and successfully graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in 2002. Since graduation Luke has been featured locally often in both group and solo shows, as well as regionally and nationally. From 2013 to 2015, he taught a Tools and Techniques class at Missouri Western State University. Luke is currently living in Carrboro, North Carolina and finishing up his Master of Fine Arts at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.